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Travelling Should Be Your New Hobby

Written by: on Thursday, January 20th, 2022

January is Hobby Month- and we have a suggestion for how to fill your spare time… TRAVEL!

Travelling is the best hobby you could add to your life for a few reasons:

  1. EXPERIENCE. Yes, we emphasize it because travelling gives you the opportunity to learn about the world around you. Interested in Baseball? Williamsport – home of the Little League World Series – has a Little League Museum that you can tour during the day and explore Williamsport night life before returning to your Vacation Rental. Want to delve into nature? We have multiple rentals surrounding the PA Grand Canyon for hiking during the day. Cherry Springs State Park- the East Coast’s best place for stargazing- can be visited afterwards for a full day of adventure. Looking for a Winter Sports adventure? We have rentals located next to Ski Sawmill for sledding, tubing, and skiing. Others connect to ATV trails and State Game Lands. Want to enjoy small town life for a bit? Our Downtown Wellsboro rentals give you easy access to shops, restaurants, and more – and a couple Rentals are even in walking distance. No matter what your interests – there is a Vacation Rental to suit your needs!
  2. You never have to take the same trip twice. Even if you stay in the same area, there is always more than one Vacation Rental option. There are larger rentals for group outings, or smaller romantic get- aways for you and your significant other (hint hint if you haven’t made plans for Valentine’s Day yet). Some rentals are perfectly located next to a variety of attractions and experiences, and some are experiences themselves. We have Downtown rentals that keep you close to the action in town and others in the woods for social isolation and easy access to the outdoors. Either way, there are multiple options available for activities and places to stay alike.
  3. You can get out of town without actually meeting strangers. We’ve seen Vacation Rentals designed to look like animals, properties built inside of large gardens for you to explore, and even treehouses and other architectural wonders that make the entire stay an experience without ever leaving the comfort of your accommodations. AirBNB offers a search option just for this! There are also always options for quiet mountain getaways – especially in the Northern Tier of PA (contact us for recommendations!).
  4. Like meeting new people? There are options for that too! There are Vacation Rental options that have private places to sleep but also include communal recreational space to meet with your fellow travelers. Some owners treat their Vacation Rentals more like a Bed & Breakfast and will provide meals and opportunity to gather guests to create a bonding experience. Location can also be key if you want to maintain privacy but stay close to attractions and socialize on a more limited basis.
  5. There are vacations for every budget. The Vacation Rental market is only going to continue to grow. This benefits you in a couple ways- not only does this give you the greater variety for more and better vacations, it also means there is more of a price competition as well. Hotels no longer get to decide what a vacation costs – and there are Vacation Rental options for every budget.

So what’s stopping you from booking your next adventure?

Check out all of our Vacation Rental Options in the Northern Tier of PA here!


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