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Are You Ready For A Challenge!?

Written by: on Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Who’s looking for an exciting outdoor adventure??

Wellsboro offers all kinds of winter entertainment, and the Mt. Tom Challenge is here for you! With no entry fee, this event is perfect for anyone looking to challenge themselves while enjoying the beauty of the Northern Mountains of PA.

Here’s the description from the American trail Running Association:

Climb (or scramble some might say) up the 1100′ vertical feet of trail from the Ansonia valley to the summit vista of Mt. Tom with views into the PA Grand Canyon and to the west nearly to Galeton. After catching your breath and those awesome views, continue a short distance along the ridge before descending most of the way back on a grassy (or more snowy this time of year) forest road. Reach the tent at the bottom before 11am and YOU GET TO DO IT AGAIN!!! How many laps can you do in two hours?

If you’re ready for the challenge, make sure to book somewhere nearby to relax in comfort after all of your hard work! Check out all of our nearby vacation rentals here.

For more information on the event, go here.